THE RIDGE CREATIVE CENTER                                           



           Our Summer Progam runs for 9 weeks, from June 30th - August 29th.                 We offer flexible schedules.  Choose your weeks and or days.  

Full day is from 8:00 - 4:00

Extended Hours 8:00 - 6:30

We offer a creative learning based program, 

organized around theme-based weeks​.  

Our projects are derived from student exploration of 

arts, culture, language, history and science.  

Themes 2014

Say You've Got a Revolution

Franklin invents, 4th of July, Freedom of Speech, Maps & Coding, Patriots & Traitors

It's A Small World

Each day we will be focusing on a different culture 

Guatemala, Occitane, Tibet, Persia and Polynesia

   Channeling Chaplin

Each day we will focus on a different aspect of filmaking.  End result - each student

will write, plan and direct their own Silent Film.  

Hunger Games

Heroes, The Art of Archery, Social Inequities, Social Responsibility 

Christmas in July & Frozen

We wil explore the Sami Culture, Camouflage & Adaptation in Cold Climates and

Winter Celebrations. One day will be dedicated to the popular movie - Frozen.  

Medieval Week

Catapults & Castles, Cleanliness & Alchemy, Medieval Banquet with Duel

Wet & Wild 

Surfer Duds, Medicinal & Other Treasures from the Sea,

Atlantis & Sea Mythology, Hawaiian Culture & the Sea   

By Design

                      Packaging & Persuasion, Create your own Product and Packaging,                               How the design of our built environemnt determines our quality of life, Design Solutions  


Recycled Materials, Brainstorming to invent uses for the Brooklyn waterfront, 

Adaptive re-use architecure in our neighborhood, Combinations in Culinary Arts  

            Registration includes enrollment in our Theater Arts Program.                                                              This year's production is Peter Pan.                                Please look under "Theater Arts" section of website for more information.