THE RIDGE CREATIVE CENTER                                           


After School, Summer Program

& Vacation Days in Bay Ridge

 Arts in Bay Ridge 


The Ridge Creative Center is a new initiative, launched in 2014 

to provide creative learning opportunities for children and families. 

We believe that every child and adult needs and deserves time 

to explore, innovate and create.  

We encourage this through the study of art, culture, language, history and science,

by honing existing skills and fostering new discoveries,   

in our After School, Summer Program & during Vacations Days. 

We have an amazing space in the First Free Evangelical Church that includes:

two rooms for contemplative activities, a theater space for performances,

a gallery space to exhibit student projects and artwork, 

a huge kitchen to learn culinary arts, a gym for dance/movement classes and free play.

Our neighbor is Leif Ericsson Park, the perfect place to explore, write and decompress.  

Our staff has over 60 years of combined experience  

​in teaching arts, education and in providing creative OST programming. 

We partner with New York City arts and education focused organizations

                        and bring in performing and visual artists, so that we can provide                       our students with the best possible creative learning opportunities.